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PayPal Shuns Gab Following Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Photo: Jeff Swensen (Getty Images)

Social media network Gab found its way into the spotlight following reports that Robert D. Bowers, the man responsible for last week’s shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 people dead and six more injured, used its platform to share his anti-Semitic views.

Gab is currently facing an onslaught of attacks by people who argue that its lack of censorship allowed Bowers to grow and share his disdain for Jewish people. Amidst this, PayPal has made a public statement that it has banned Gab and any corresponding accounts on its website.

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Speaking to The Verge, a PayPal spokesperson shared the reasoning, saying, “[PayPal] is diligent in performing reviews and taking account actions. When a site is explicitly allowing the perpetuation of hate, violence, or discriminatory intolerance, we take immediate and decisive action.”

Gab has since gone offline. In its stead is a letter written by CEO Andrew Torba that argues the free speech advocated by the platform is under attack.

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He also followed up with a post on Twitter, further painting himself as a victim of this tragedy.

Sounds to us like someone needs a reality check — and a new business model.