Buying A Tesla Will Finally Be Affordable Beginning In 2019

Electric vehicles are in high demand right now despite steep costs. Even if you had tens of thousands of dollars lying around, the cheapest you could pay today for a new Tesla would be around $45,000.

That’ll finally change early next year with the debut of the long-anticipated entry-level Tesla Model 3. This is the model Tesla has been hoping to release for nearly a decade, a model that will allow you to show off just how green you are without breaking the bank.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter this morning confirming the upcoming availability of the company’s lowest cost-to-entry vehicle, saying:

This particular”mid-range” model is expected to cost $35,000 (prior to thousands of dollars of tax incentives), which is a big jump from the $45,000 long-range Model 3 currently roaming city streets, and the $74,500 of the Model S.

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While it will cut some of the features of its more expensive brothers, it’ll retain all the most important elements of Tesla’s current line-up, including 300+ mile range, all-purpose dashboard touchscreen, and Supercharge capability.

The greatest concern for most customers looking to buy a Tesla right now is availability, thanks to production falling short of its projections. Elon Musk said recently that this will no longer be an issue next year as the company ramps up its manufacturing output.