Justin Timberlake Dumps ‘Suit And Tie’ To Be Levi’s ‘Man Of The Woods’

Photo: Levi’s

Following the rugged imagery and country influence present in Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake has collaborated with Levi’s for a new clothing collection called Fresh Leaves. It debuts on Oct. 4.

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The line features Timberlake’s take on Levi’s classics and includes camo hoodies and tees, jeans, Sherpa trucker jackets, and plaid shirts. This woodsy look and feel ties in well with Timberlake’s new brand. It’s a far cry from his clean and formal “Suit and Tie” look in 2013. Both MOTW and Fresh Leaves draw inspiration from the grassy yards and flannels of Timberlake’s childhood in Tennessee and his wife Jessica Biel‘s childhood in Colorado. “I think it was just a way to not totally go back to our roots but include it in the process” of creating the line, he told Complex.

Since Timberlake seems to have this country thing covered, it’s only a matter of time before he reinvents himself all over again.

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Does Timberlake’s MOTW look appeal to you enough to purchase his new line? Or would you prefer to emulate younger,  hipper musicians? Sound off in the comments!