An Army Of Over 3,000 Amazon Go Cashier-Less Stores Are Ready To Take Over The World By 2021

By the end of 2021 more than 3,000 Amazon Go convenience stores could be open across the U.S. providing cashier-less shopping to millions of Americans.

In a report by Bloomberg, its sources claim Amazon is preparing for its biggest move in the brick-and-mortar space since its inception. Paired with its Whole Foods acquisition, this would give it a healthy representation outside of online shopping where it originally began its timeline in the mid 90’s.

Amazon Go’s first store opened in Seattle in 2016 to widespread attention as thousands of Seattlites were able to walk in and purchase fruit juice without waiting in a five-minute line. The cashier-less store has remained the only one of its kind, using a variety of sensors and automated software to scan products grabbed by shoppers. Since then two more stores have been opened in the city, and another in Chicago.

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The three stores in Seattle have operated with minimal errors, the few of which have cost less than maintaining a staff of cashiers that would be getting paid the city’s $15.45 corporate minimum wage.

This is just the beginning of robots taking over our world.