BMW Vision i Next Concept car

BMW Vision iNext Concept Is A Look Into The Not-So-Distant Future Of The Car Industry

The BMW Vision iNext Concept is a look into a future. A future where cars can drive themselves without concern, you can gesture on surfaces to manipulate interior audio and more, and electric vehicles can travel more than 370 miles without a charge.

BMW unveiled the concept car this week to great applause after years of research and development at its Munich based headquarters. The vehicle is intended to showcase many of its technological innovations, most of which aim to simplify the driving experience.

The visual style of the car is the first clear marker of its prowess. Drawn with sharp lines from front to back, it would stand out like a UFO on today’s roads, even if they are increasingly packed with similarly bold electric vehicles.

But it’s the interior that makes the best impression. Its steering wheel and tablet-esque digital dash look like something out of Star Trek, hinting at its preference for automated driving. Its “Intelligent Beam” technology uses projectors to track and provide improved lighting for objects inside. Meanwhile, “Shy Tech” transforms its seats and armrests into gesturable surfaces where you can control audio volume and more using swipes of the fingers.

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The Vision iNext Concept appears to be science fiction, but BMW is planning to make it consumer ready by 2021 before it takes to the roads en-masse. Like many concept cars we’ve seen over the years, chances are it’ll look a bit different before launch, but there’s a good chance that all of these neat features will make the cut. If so, the automotive industry is in for a much-needed kick in the rear.