Study Reveals Toxic Relationship Between E-Cigarettes And Tobacco Use

Photo: HAZEMMKAMAL (Getty Images)

The electronic cigarettes industry is now worth $11.4 billion. The initial intention of e-cigarettes was to support existing smokers to quit and to provide a safer alternative to tobacco. According to new research published earlier this year by Dartmouth College’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center, however, it appears nicotine vaping leads more people to start smoking and to continue the use of electronic cigarettes.

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The e-cigarette device allows some adults to quit smoking for good, but research suggests vaping nicotine drives many smokers, from new to habitual smokers, to tobacco. As many as 1.5 million deaths could occur due to the use of e-cigarettes according to a 2014 research model that used census data, published literature, and surveys on electronic cigarette usage.

In 2015, about 2,070 tobacco cigarette-smoking adults quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes; however, 168,000 non-smoking adolescents and young adults began tobacco smoking after initially using e-cigarettes.

The prevalence of e-cigarettes in popular culture in combination with the availability of e-cigarettes in fruity flavors have enticed many youths to try vaping. A survey conducted among high school students showed e-cigarette usage increased from 1.5 percent to 16 percent in 2015. Samir Soneji, an associate professor at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine, recently told Bloomberg that “the harms of e-cigarettes use among adolescents, and young adults are serious.”

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The government has made efforts to discourage adolescents from nicotine vaping. They mandated new product warnings to begin this summer. The FDA launched a campaign called “The Real Cost” last summer with the intent of raising awareness about vaping. to the masses. It estimates almost 350,000 kids have been prevented from smoking since its inception.