Manamorphosis: Shedding Cannabis’ Sketchy Style

Photo: joSon [Getty Images]

In 2018, getting high is more normal and acceptable than getting fall-down drunk at your favorite local pub. Legal weed has allowed the marijuana industry to flourish like never before. There’s literally no end to the types of strains or ways to ingest it. You can smoke it, eat it, or rub it on your body. Because of this, your days of smoking ragweed are done. So is purchasing it from a sketchy dude and having to make a DIY Dryer Sheet Deodorizer to cover your tracks. Marijuana is tres chic! So much so that big pharma is even getting in on the action rather than lose out on your money.

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in nine states and the District of Columbia while 44 other states have legalized it for medical use only. Which means, it’s probably pretty easy for you to access marijuana in a top of the line clinic like the Medmen franchise, which touts world class facilities to bring their patients top-of-the line product. But if you’re buying world class weed, why do you still have the same setup you’ve had since college. It’s time to evolve your weed game as part of your self care routine.

Everyone should enjoy the supreme luxury of a perfectly rolled joint. Unfortunately, many people, myself included, are simply not versed in the fine art of joint rolling. Thankfully, this plebeian problem can be put behind you with some free time and a couple of joint rolling YouTube tutorials. If you don’t have the time to invest in the art of good joint rolling opt for the next best option with the Raw Joint Rolling Machine. Not only is it cheap, it’s easy to use and will have you smoking like a pro in no time.

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If you really want to impress, roll that joint using Shine’s 24K Gold Rolling Papers. Each pack comes with two 24k gold rolling papers, which you can use to roll a special occasion joint. If you want a little more bang for your buck or are simply looking for the ultimate stoner gift, nothing beats Shine’s 24K Gold Rolling Paper Gift Box. It includes a 2-Sheet Pack of gold rolling papers, a pre-roll cone with protective container (just fill, twist the end and smoke) and a shine lighter.

The best kind of stash box is something neutral with clean lines that’s inconspicuous but well made. This Lowkey Rolling Tray Stash Box with Magnetic Lid fits the bill perfectly. It’s plain, natural and stylish with the added bonus of the lid turning into a rolling tray. This stash box is perfect for keeping all your 420 accessories together and away from prying eyes.

Next on you need to retire the pipe cleaner bobby pin your ex left and upgrade to a tool that says you’re a grown up and you take your self care practice seriously. Seattle based cannabis luxury brand Van Der Pop has just what you’re looking for. Their VdP Calla Multi-Tool is a three-in-one poker, dabber and tamper that will elevate your smoke session to a level even Patrick Bateman would envy.

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Los Angeles artist Jacquie Aiche has branded herself as one of the people to watch when it comes to weed accessories that stand out. She’s behind an entire line of luxe portable weed stash cases that run upwards of $7,000, but for a fraction of the cost you can buy her handmade snake skin lighter case. The case comes in burgundy, black, cognac, cobalt or turquoise with the option of adding a tiny gold marijuana leaf, which will make lighting every joint ceremonious.

Finally, invest in a nice ashtray like the Regenbogen Ashtray from European designers Fundamental.Berlin. It’s made from heavy crystal treated with a special chromatic film that makes it look like a beautiful iridescent rainbow. Plus, it’s so majestic it will become your favorite thing to fixate on every time you smoke.

Marijuana is everywhere and thank god for that. With these simple tips you’ll have a 420 setup that will impress guests and even make a marijuana snob like Snoop Dogg jealous. Now go forward and smoke like a King.


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