RANKED! The 4 Best Summer Travel Destinations of 2018

Photo: ARoxo (Getty Images)

The summer is here and while most of you have already planned out your vacations, undoubtedly, there are still many out there who have no idea how or where to spend their hard-earned free time. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a rather magnificent list of the finest summer travel destinations in 2018. These are the locations that will offer you the ultimate experience under the scorching sun, that is, if you can afford it. If you can’t, work a little bit harder next year and wait for our 2019 list.

4. The Azores (Portugal)

If you fancy traveling abroad to absorb some of that European sun, one of your best choices is the Azores in Portugal. Located in the middle of the awe-inspiring Atlantic ocean, this set of islands is isolated enough to give you a chance to explore this untainted nature. There are numerous sky-blue lakes, virgin forests, springs, caves, beaches, and many more inspiring sights. Around 30 of its beaches have a Blue Flag rating, which means they’re high-quality, clean, and stunning works of nature. The islands are getting more and more popular as years go by, so plan your trip now while they’re still not swarming with tourists.

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3. Ticino (Switzerland)

If you’re looking for an inland European vacation, you might opt for the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. This predominantly Italian region has been a favorite tourist destination for years now. The reason is quite simple: Ticino is absolutely breath-taking. There are so many locations you can visit like the medieval stronghold called Castelgrande found in Bellinzona, the canton’s capital. You should also check out Val Bavona, a gorgeous valley in Valle Maggia that follows a narrow mountain stream all the way to a village called San Carlo. These are just some of the locations you have to see in Ticino but most of the time, the beauty lies in discovering the undiscovered by yourself.

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2. Kahului (Hawaii)

For those of you who don’t like leaving the United States in the summer, Hawaii is an obvious yet exotic choice. The island of Maui, voted “The Best Island in the World” 16 times by the popular Conde Nast magazine Traveler magazine, is a popular spot because of its exceptional beauty, world record-breaking sights, and the largest dormant volcano in the world. It is also said that Hawaii as a whole contains 11 of the world’s climates within itself. So there’s something for everyone. If you need to choose just one destination, pick Kahului, for those glorious waterfalls near the road to Hana.

1. Santa Fe (New Mexico)

If you don’t mind the heat, take an affordable and culturally diverse road trip to Santa Fe. This beautiful New Mexico town has quite a lot to offer, starting with the world-famous opera house, that was founded in 1957. You must also visit the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and admire its architectural awesomeness. Or you can go into the wild and see the numerous national parks and natural wonders. In any case, there’s always something to see in Santa Fe.


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