Female Powerlifter Goes Viral After Punching Guy Who Grabbed Her Butt

Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill (Getty Images)

Unfortunately, there are plenty of idiots out there who think its OK to grab a woman out of nowhere. Well, when one guy assaulted powerlifter Leanna Carr she fought back. And she has the swollen knuckles to prove it.

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According to Independent Ireland, the 26-year-old Colorado native was abroad in Dublin when a man decided to grab her ass. Well, that was a mistake because Carr simply turned around and punched him in the face. Check out her hand after the punch heard round Ireland:

“While walking down the street in Dublin earlier this week, a man grabbed my butt. He proceeded to laugh hysterically and said “you’re an American, you probably liked it”. Apparently traveling solo has made me a better person bc my first reaction was to punch him in the face.”

But according to Carr, she feared the man was going to attack back. Here’s what she had to say:

“I started yelling a couple more things to him like ‘don’t ever touch a girl like that again, I could get you arrested.’ He became very mad and I thought he was going to hit back.”

But there was an older couple next to us who saw the whole thing, and the gentleman told the scumbag to keep walking. The man started laughing again and then crossed the street to disappear in the crowd of people.”