A concept picture of a regular american one hundred dollar note tearing in two length ways on an isolated background

Send Your Ripped Bills To The US Treasury And Get A Check In Return

Photo: allanswart (Getty Images)

Wait, what? You’re telling me I’ve been taping up my bills for years for nothing?

Even though the US government enjoys bending citizens over and screwing them over and over again, apparently they do something positive for us once in a while. And according to Mashable they’ve aimed to reimburse us for any damaged bills.

Dan Amira, a Daily Show writer, recently found a $10 bill that unfortunately was ripped in half. But instead going the old tape-it-up route, Amira opted to write a letter to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing under the Department of Treasury.

Here’s a closer look at the letter:

Photo: Twitter/Dan Amira

And guess what? Amira received a check for his ripped bill:

Photo: Twitter/Dan Amira

Well Amira, and other folks, can thank the Mutilated Currency Division for this check. The MTC says they will replace your money if you send in 50 percent or more of the bill. If you have less than 50 percent, you must provide evidence that the missing portions are “totally destroyed.” No idea how to prove that, but good luck.

But there’s one issue with all this: it may take up to 36 months for you to get a check in return. So yeah, as usual, the government moves like molasses to get anything done. Your best bet is to take out the handy roll of tape.

But for those who prefer sending their bills in, just heed this warning:


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