How To Avoid Losing Your Entire Paycheck At The Movies

Photo: SrdjanPav (Getty)

When was the last time you went to the movies? Now can you remember how much you spent between the tickets, food, drinks and anything else you decided to get to make your movie experience that much better? It was probably over $50. And even if you went alone because you hate everyone you probably still spent a huge chunk of change (people use that expressions, right?).

Well not to worry, because here at Mandatory we are nothing but sad, cheap folks who enjoy taking shortcuts to pay less whenever possible. So if we want to see the latest Michael Bay movie (we don’t) we’ll just wait for it to hit TV. But if we want to see the latest Marvel movie, well then we’re just going to have to use some of these life hacks. And you can use them, too.

Time to save even more money! Are You Willing To Sit On Someone’s Shoulders To Save Money At The Movies?

So take a look below at ten awesome life hacks to save yourself a couple of bucks, and we promise that you will still enjoy the show.

So you know where to go from here, folks. Get to saving!