Apple Patents Dual Screen MacBook

Photo: Stephen Lam/Stringer(Getty Images)

Besides planning its largest iPhone yet, Apple is having some other, more surprising, eccentric ideas, like this recently patented a dual-screen MacBook. Actually, the series of patents have been recently approved, and they exchange the trackpad and keyboard with another display. A touchscreen one that will be able to fulfill tasks like sketching and other stuff.

There are two types of the future Apple dual-screen MacBook, one which has hinge-attached displays like a laptop, and another that is basically a two-in-one product with two separate screens.

The patent also mentions the use of sunglasses.

“Polarizer layers and other optical layers in the displays may be configured to provide a viewer with the ability to view images on the displays while wearing vertically polarized Sunglasses.”

There is still no information on when the patents will turn to products.