Off-White Design Style Brought to McDonald’s French Fries


The style of Virgil Abloh, the founder of the Milan-based fashion label Off-White has inspired many aspiring designers with its distinctive approach to stylization of everyday items like credit cards and condoms. McDonalds packing got remodeled by Okan Boyraz, a part of the team BLKVIS, and it is as good as anything Off-White did in similar fashion.

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The redesign includes a Big Mac, fries, a soda cup and we can also see the packing with the McDonald’s famous buying option “Extra Value Meal”. The dark and minimalistic choice is such a contrast to the vibrant red of the fast food giant, but the food still looks delicious to ut.

The photo which the designer used is from a Visual Magazine article about food porn, that’s why he credited creative agency MARGO on his Instagram.

This undeniably cool design wouldn’t stop us from devouring french fries like we always do.
McDonald's French fries
Considering McDonald’s is the top choice for stoners after lighting one up, we would be curious what would be their reactions if they were served with this packing without any context. They’ll probably think they are living in a They Live (1988) world.

What do you think of this design and would it affect your purchasing habits?