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Experts Say You Should Take A Nap During Work To Give You A ‘Boost’

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Hey, don’t feel so bad if you decide to get some shuteye during work because experts are saying that it’s actually needed.

If you’re feeling super tired during work it’s probably best to stay away from that jug of caffeine and instead get yourself a good old nap. Experts are claiming that a nap can give you just as good a boost as any coffee can, and that regular naps can also provide you with some uninterrupted sleep later at night. Hell, napping regularly in the afternoon can also make you feel more alert, too.

According to Dr. Nicole Lovato, a postdoctoral research fellow, from Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Flinders University, napping is A-OK.

“Naps are not only beneficial because they make us feel less sleepy and more alert, but because they improve our cognitive functioning, reaction times, short-term memory and even our mood.”

But how long should we be napping for? The longer the nap, the better. But Dr. Lovato says that a 1.5 hours nap is ideal. Man, this lady sounds perfect. Here’s what Lovato had to add:

“This is the length of a normal sleep cycle. You will experience deep sleep for about an hour or so followed by light sleep for the last half an hour. Waking up during light sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and alert. However, waking during deep sleep will not. If you sleep too long and miss the light sleep at the end of a nap, chances are you will wake up feeling sluggish and drowsy. If you do experience feeling drowsy after a nap, don’t worry – this feeling is temporary and will go away after a while.”

It also seems like afternoon naps provide maximum rejuvenation when compared to napping any other time of the day, so you should look to fit in a nap during work. Hey, I’ve pretty much sleeping while writing this, but it may or may not have been obvious.

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