Diet Coke Gets New Flavors and New Look

(Photo Credit: CNN)

Who says it’s just video games and movies that get reboots? Diet Coke (yes, that Diet Coke!), is getting a massive makeover that includes the can’s look, and even introduces new flavors. This is being done to combat the diet soda’s slagging sales.

Coca-Cola Co. showed the new, slimmer 12-ounce Diet Coke can, with an updated logo, and new flavors. There’s the plain Diet Coke, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry. While new flavors will be introduced, the taste of Diet Coke will remain the same.

Coke is directly targeting “millennials” and they aren’t shy about it, either. Here’s what Rafael Acevedo, Group Director of Diet Coke in North America, had to say:

Millennials are now thirstier than ever for adventures and new experiences, and we want to be right by their side. We’re making the brand more relatable and more authentic.

There’s even a video of millennials tasting the product and giving their “honest” reaction and feedback.

According to Coke, over two years of have been spent on the relaunch, and it asked more than 10,000 people for their feedback on the new look, and new flavors.

Expect the new Diet Coke look and flavors to make its way out in two weeks’ time. There are currently no plans to bring it to other countries, though the company is exploring the idea. If this initial roll out proves fruitful, I’d expect the flavors to make its way into other territories.

Source: CNN