11 Things That Will Make You Never Want To Date Again

Photo: NBC

We don’t need to give you reasons that will make you never want to date again. But that’s just something people say: Dating sucks. It sure does, but, you know, it could be worse.

Just imagine if you saw something that scarred you so badly that you seriously, actually could never date again? Kind of like if you researched your family ancestry on one of those hip DNA sites and found out you used to get naked with a relative on a semi-frequent basis. Did that hit a little close to home? We were afraid it might.

Below are just a few of the many things that will make you never want to date again, anything from borrowing your toothbrush too early in the relationship to discovering she’s a demon with an apparent hobby of drinking vodka before telling you things about yourself you don’t want to know. Then there’s always the classic closet racist. Or maybe not so closet. At least you’re not finding out she’s like your cousin or something. Boy, that’d be weird.

11 Things That Will Make You Never Want to Date Again (Like Finding You Slept With a Relative While Searching Your Family Ancestry)

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