Hacks Of Life: 9 Products You Never Realized Have Built-In Life Hacks

Christmas bow made from a manly extension cord on wood. Photo: David15 (Getty).

Life hacks are great for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, they make everyday situations easier as long as you use them wisely. Plus, there is no greater satisfaction than figuring out a simpler way to use a product that you somehow overlooked (possibly for decades). The following batch of easy-to-use cheats aren’t exactly going to blow your mind, but if you’ve gotten this far without them, they’ll serve as a huge relief. Of course, if you’re the kind of person who is drinking soda from a straw out of a can, we’ve got another free life hack that you should probably get on toot sweet: cups. Seriously, you have no idea where those cans have been.

Who knew simple things could be so simple…er? If only there were hacks for the more complicated aspects of everyday life, like cleaning out the gutters on your house. Sadly, there are just some tasks you can’t easily weasel your way out of.