Christmas Music Is Actually Bad For You, So Please Turn It Down

Photo: ABC

The next time some Christmas carolers come to your house, don’t be afraid to spray them with a garden hose. You are just defending your sanity, and science will back you up on that.

Christmas Music Is Bad For You

We all have someone in our life that will crank up the Christmas music even before we are finished digesting the Thanksgiving turkey. However, science has now determined that this can actually be bad for us. According to Unilad, the dangers include: the music is too loud — which is obvious and pertains to all music, really — and that the music being played can cause stress and anxiety. The latter is absolutely true.

If you’re like us, and wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping, the musical bombardment from every store and radio station is a constant reminder that you have a lot of shopping to do, trips to take, family to pretend to enjoy, and that’s on top of knowing full well that your bank account hates you. In short, something’s gotta give.

Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

So, while the lyrics to these songs may be uplifting and nice, the subliminal message being received is nagging you for all the things you haven’t done and won’t be able to do. It’s like an auditory Instagram account of someone who is successful and good-looking. If you pay too much attention, it can make you feel bad about all the great things you do have. Our advice: Listen to music that makes you happy, regardless of genre… but at a safe volume.

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