How to Deal with a Receding Hairline

Photo: mraoraor (Getty Images)

For most men, losing hair is one of the worst things in the world. It is an emasculating act that seems to tell the world that you’re growing old and weak. That is, of course, not always true. Some guys lose most of their hair way before they reach thirty even though their life has just begun. Sure, it doesn’t really matter, but it affects the ego. The only way to fight it is to know what’s coming. The first part is the receding hairline. What is it and how can you deal with it successfully? Let’s take a look.

What Is a Receding Hairline?

There are a number of ways in which a receding hairline presents itself. It is usually the first step towards going bald, but it’s not necessarily so. It pretty much depends on your genetics and lifestyle. The receding hairline usually starts from the upper corners of your forehead. These are the spots where hair disappears first and then progresses to the back. If you want to check the progress of your receding, you can use the Norwood scale. Of course, it won’t tell you much as everyone has slightly different balding style. It is said that if you reach the type III, you should consider doing something about it.

Hair Nutrients

A human being is basically a mix of various chemicals. When something is out of balance, we get sick or suffer some physical consequences. This imbalance is mainly influenced by our lifestyle. Some unhealthy choices can trigger hair loss and bring about receding hairline without us being aware of it. So, what can you do to prevent baldness or reduce its progression? Well, you need to take a lot of C and B vitamins as they’re essential for healthy hair and skin. You can find vitamins like biotin (B7) in eggs, almonds, salmon, avocados, etc. Niacin (B3), on the other hand, can be found in sweet potatoes, corn, peas, pumpkins, and so on. These are the nutrients that your hair needs to function properly.

Creams and Shampoos

Of course, you can also use some over-the-counter creams created specifically to tackle this problem. However, you need to be quite careful when using them. Always consult your physician because you don’t know which components could be harmful to your health. One of the products you could try is minoxidil, which is known for its beneficial effects. Most of the time, it does the job without problems, but sometimes it can lead to mild irritation. You could also try using a shampoo with ketoconazole. Not only does it help with dandruff, but it can also stop the balding process. One research also suggests that the vitamin D (usually associated with bone growth) can also be beneficial. It doesn’t hurt to pump up your intake of this important nutrient.


This is one of those things that’s easier said than done but you have to try. One of the main causes of hair loss and, therefore, a receding hairline among men is stress. Your mental health affects a number of biological processes including hair growth. So, you need to learn how to unwind properly and how to deal with stress. You could take up yoga, or pretty much any other exercise. They help relax both body and mind, so you won’t lose as much hair. You could also try going to a sauna or ordering a massage. As for the part about avoiding stress – we can’t help you here. Avoid people who annoy you and find a less stressful job. Learn to take it easy.

If you do everything on the list and that receding hairline still continues to progress, just learn to accept it. Wear that style proudly.