Fitness Singles Dating Service: Is It A Good Option?

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Open up your Instagram account and after a couple of scrolls, you’re bound to wind up on a motivational fitness post, even if you’re a basement-dwelling D&D player with Cheetos fingers. Taking care of self is the ultimate craze of the century, particularly the decade, so it seems a lot of people identify through it. Enter Fitness Singles, an online dating site for people that care about fitness more than the rest of us. Is it a good idea and was it done accordingly?

What Is Fitness Singles?

To be exact – fitness singles is an online dating service that matches people who care about their well-being and are active in a way. So a gym membership isn’t a prerequisite to joining this dating site. The idea behind it is that cycling enthusiasts can find a partner for their rides, CrossFit junkies can find someone to time their laps, and guys who do calisthenics can find someone to take care of their blisters. Besides matching people who view fitness as one of their core identities, Fitness Singles functions like any other dating site.

You don’t have to worry about Fitness Singles being a craze that will suddenly stop, the website has been around since 2003! It’s somewhat impressing that it didn’t end up as one of the failed dating sites, but that just shows how much the niche is important to some people. Unlike salads.

Is Fitness Singles A Good Idea For Me?

If your rounds on the Tinder ended up matching you with girls that have “pizza is life” descriptions and the energy of a run-over sloth and it’s discouraging, Fitness Singles does actually sound like a perfect choice for you. Of course, over-identifying with a single type of culture or lifestyle doesn’t seem appealing to outsiders, if exercising is your number one priority ( or in top three at least), then this site does make sense.

Nobody can sustain a relationship in which the two persons’ interests are completely different. The dating service’s slogan is “Where relationships workout” which is not bad for a punny company’s motto. And at the end of the day, it makes sense. If you’re going to spend a lot of time, or potentially the rest of your life, with a single person you need to be in sync about the daily stuff like eating habits and how do you spend your free time.

If you’re sold on the why, it’s time to proceed to the how.

How Does Fitness Singles Work?

Like any dating site, basically. Although Fitness Singles has some useful specifics. Besides filling out the typical dating form you’ll be also asked what activities do you do (cycling, CrossFit, dancing) and what your level of proficiency in them is. Once your profile is filled up with photos and information it will be reviewed by a Quality Assurance team. That way no couch-potatoes can’t lie their way to your abs.

This is what also makes the number of 2,000,000 members seem a lot better than initially, as there are few if any, fake profiles trying to sell you the next miraculous protein shake.

You can apply to the website for free and proceed to browse looking for potential workout mates, but in order to send them emails or instant messages, you’ll need to pay and subscribe. Which might seem off-putting at first, but it really is another filtration process weeding out the half-serious fitness and love enthusiasts.

Before starting up check out our tips on how to conquer any dating site, and if you think to end your Fitness Singles date at your home you better have these pieces of exercise equipment. Just in case.

Do you have experience with Fitness Singles and do you think that this type of niche dating is a good thing or not?

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