These Dating Websites Went Belly Up

It seems like everybody and their grandma is looking for love or sex online so there is an abundance of dating sites that offer to be the matchmakers with their own special way to do it. Similarly to the phase after Facebook’s insane success when a lot of people made more narrow social media sites, often described as ‘Facebook, but for fisherman’ or ‘Facebook, but for veterans’, now we have an influx of very specific dating sites.

If there’s a ‘thing’, it’s almost certain that there is an online dating site for people who are really into that thing. But often enough people make the wrong business assessments and their online dating site goes belly up. Somewhat surprisingly as sites like and are still working.

We take a look at five dating sites that ended their pursuit of making matches ingloriously.

Five Failed Dating Sites

Probably the douchiest website of the ones that we have on this list as it’s an online service that wanted to connect Apple fanboys and fangirls together. Which, firstly, doesn’t make sense as almost everybody in the U.S. has Apple products now. Once, when the company was smaller, alternative, it made some sense, but still not a lot. It was crazy to think that this is one of the core identities for people and it’s no wonder that this dating site couldn’t be saved with an S version.

The mother of all stupid or the best trolling on the internet ever – yes, offered exactly what you thought it did, regardless of how stupid that sounds. You sign up to the site, and you get to choose five favorite salad ingredients and the site connects you with the people who like the most things as you do. That’s it. We wish so much that this is not trolling that we would use a potential time-machine to join this website and go on numerous salad-dates.

Somehow, My Free Implants counted as a dating site even though at its core it’s a money exchange service. It connects people, guys, who have money, with girls that have big breasts but would love to have them. After donating you get to video chat or message the girl, but of course, nothing warranted that she would respond. To think there are people who thought this is what people would love to donate to, not clean water or food for starving children.

One dating website on this list that we’re actually sorry it didn’t pan out as it could’ve been great for the people it was intended for. It was a place where single truckers should’ve found significant others. Our guess is that there was a lot of demand, not a lot of supply as yes, the hardworking drivers needed help in getting dates due to the nature of their job, but very few people would found it appealing to be on the other side of that relationship.

Seeing how stupid websites like Ashley Madison or GolfMates are still up and running, we’re somewhat surprised that this one failed. It had the idea of connecting people that went to Ivy League schools, which seems pretty intuitive and reasonable, yet it somehow failed. It seems pretty normal that people from Ivy league schools would want similarly educated people, and even that they could be a little snobbish about their partner’s education. But no, the website failed, and the people who developed it probably should’ve paid more attention in class.

What do you think about these specific dating sites? Are you all for them or do more general sites like Zoosk and good hook up apps have them beat?

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