New Music | Taryn Southern and Amper Make the First ‘AI’ Album

Photo: Matthias Nareyek (Getty Images)

Before artificial intelligence rule the world they might be taking over the music charts. The first album entirely composed and produced by an artificial intelligence (AI) “artist” named Amper is about to drop. 

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Amper was developed by a team of professional musicians and technology experts, who collaborated with social media star and singer Taryn Southern for an album entitled, I AM AI. 

Even a Luddite who has seen Terminator 2 one too many times can appreciate the album’s first single (out today), “Break Free”, a streaming-friendly EDM track featuring Southern’s spirited “millennial” anthems about “breaking free” over a ethereal music beat made by a computer, not sure if it’s supposed to be ironic, but give it a listen below.

Southern promises on her YouTube page that she will be revealing more about the creative process behind making the album with a behind-the-scenes video. For more info on Taryn Southern go HERE.

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