Australian Woman Who Lived Off KFC And McDonald’s Makes Insane Transformation

Photo: Instagram/Elena Goodall

Here at Mandatory we sometimes like to shed light on people’s weight-loss accomplishments. Whether it was the woman who was fat-shamed by her husband only to lose weight and then dump him, or the woman who lost weight and rejected the dude who turned her down before, we love hearing about folks who go the extra mile. And Elena Goodall can now be added to that list.

Goodall, from Queensland, found herself diagnosed at the age of 26 with both type 2 diabetes as well as sleep apnea when she lived off mainly KFC an McDonald’s. At her heaviest Goodall was 405 pounds. And Goodall had to make a drastic life change when doctors told her she wouldn’t live to see the age of 40.

“Takeaway was pretty much all I’d eat. I never did any exercise at all. Three meals a day – pretty much McDonald’s and KFC,” Goodall said on the Today show. “And it wasn’t just one large meal each sitting, it was about three I would get through plus some extra chips as well. It was pretty bad but back then I just couldn’t stop. It was an addiction.”

So Goodall got to work. And today? Well today she weighs 152 pounds. Look at this transformation.

Pretty crazy.

Goodall went ahead and had gastric sleeve surgery to save her life.

“I wanted to change everything… Out with the old, in with the new,” Goodall said. “Anything is possible. You’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to want it as well. So if you want it bad enough.”

Goodall also competed in the triathlon earlier this year, which involves a 1.2 mile swim, 55 mile bike ride and a 13 mile run.

Oh, and she’s training for an Ironman competition in December. Well, kudos to this gal for getting healthy again. And now I shall train myself to eat an entire pizza all by myself.

Here are a few more photos of Goodall thanks to her Instagram.

h/t Daily Mail

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