Top 10 Reliable Reasons Why Second Dates Don’t Happen

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Dating is tough, no doubt about that. Getting the first to the second is even harder. There’s plenty of time between the two to remember his bad breath, her lower back hair and the general fact that dating is fucking horrific. But we do it anyways since, apparently, our happiness is dependent on others.

We teamed up with the lovely folks at DrEd, who specialize in surveying both men and women from all over the world about their love lives, inadequacy and probably a bit about erectile dysfunction. We did a piece on why relationships fall apart with another coming up on why people fake orgasms, but the great mystery on reasons why second dates don’t happen in general will get you real educated.

Join us as we break down 10 of the most reliable reasons why your first dates don’t turn into second dates based on surveys of real life humans. Here’s a free spoiler for you: If you’re grabbing her boobs in the first three hours of knowing her, there’s a good chance you won’t be grabbing them again. Happy hunting, hornballs.

Top 10 Reliable Reasons Why Second Dates Don’t Happen

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