Electric Mini Will Be Built in the UK in “Vote of Confidence” for Brexit Britain

BMW will build a fully electric version of the Mini in the UK, with the UK government saying that the company’s decision is a “vote of confidence” in Britain as it approaches Brexit.

The electric Mini will be built at BMW’s Cowley plant near Oxford, with it set to head into production in 2019. Despite BMW having previously suggested that it would look to move its vehicle manufacturing away from the UK as a result of the EU referendum result, which saw Britain vote to leave the European Union, the company has now confirmed that production will continue in the UK and the electric Mini will be assembled in Crowley.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail (via The Guardian), Plant Crowley managing director Frank Bachmann said: “This is good news for everybody on the team at Plant Oxford and this addition to the model line-up marks an important next step in the evolution of Mini.

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“As the main manufacturer of the Mini three-door, with production expertise built up over many years, it makes sense for us to build this all-electric model.

“I know that everyone on the plant is looking forward to the project that lies ahead.”

60 per cent of Minis are currently manufacturer in Oxford, but amid concerns that Brexit would harm trade in the UK BMW built another plant in the Netherlands. UK business secretary Greg Clark said that the move from BMW was a “vote of confidence” in Britain in helping the government to make the region “the go-to place in the world for the next generation of vehicles.”

According to the Financial Times, the UK government has sent no reassurances to BMW regarding trading negotiations in post-Brexit Britain, despite letters having been sent out to both Nissan and Toyota in order to assure them that carmakers’ facilities would remain competitive following the landmark decision.

Featured Image Credit: BMW