Apple’s Post-Brexit UK Price Increases Are Insane

Apple has revealed its UK price increases for a number of its products as a result of Brexit, and the outcome is set to have a heavy impact upon customers’ wallets.

Apple updated its store to reflect the changes, which have happened due to the negative impact the UK leaving the EU has had on the region’s economy, with some products receiving price hikes as high as £600. With the iPhone 7 already being 16% more expensive than its predecessor, Apple has now turned to its library of hardware and updated its store to reflect significant mark-ups across the board.

The price increases include:

  • iMac 5K has risen from £1499 to £1749, a price increase of £300.
  • iMac 4K has jumped from £1199 to £1449, making it as expensive as the previous price for the 5K model.
  • Mac Pro has had a £500 increase from £2499 to £2999. The high-end model has received an even more astronomical price hike, going from £3299 to £3899 in a £600 increase.
  • The Mac Mini now starts at £479, compared to its previous price of £399.


But these price increases don’t end there, with various other Apple devices having received similar price bumps while the newly announced MacBook Pro is far more expensive in the UK than it is in the US. While the 13-inch model minus the Touch Bar is $1799 in the States — which converts to £1231 — it will be priced at £1749 in the UK. The model with the Touch Bar is priced at $1799 but will sell for £1749, while the top-end 15-inch MacBook Pro will sell for £2349 compared to the US price of $2399, representing a major price gap of £379.

With the value of the Sterling having fallen significantly since Brexit, it’s no surprise that more companies are raising their prices accordingly. However, such a significant price bump so soon after the EU referendum is questionable, and it’s certainly higher than the increases conducted by other companies.