The 5 Best 5-Panel Hats For Summer

Photos courtesy of Brixton.

Whether biking down to the beach, moshing at a music festival, or just casually hanging out on a boat for an afternoon, you’re going to be spending lots of time in the sun. Save some face with a new slick hat to add to your already dynamic collection.

5-panel hats come in a wide variety of iterations. The classic 5-panel, popularized by bike messengers and their legions, has a wide middle panel with two side panels and two top panels. Brixton‘s Stith Cap and the Seersucker Camp Cap by Stussy are prime examples of this sought after style.

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Other versions look and feel more like a ball cap with a throwback feel. The Girls Girls Girls hat by Barney Cools, with a salmon color and tonal red embroidery, is a real  conversation starter, while the turquoise No Prob Hat by Katin looks legitimately like it’s from 1984. Call Uncle Bob, he’s missing his hat.

Somewhere outside of these two defined types is the Herschel Glendale Hat. It has the more traditional 5-panel construction, but it has adopted military inspiration by way of discrete camouflage detailing and, in white, more closely resembles a painters cap than a biker’s 5-panel.