Woman Delivers Absolutely Brutal Response When A Married Man Tries To Get With Her

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Tough to come back from that knockout. It’s probably best that dude just remains on the canvas.

You folks don’t need us to tell you that you should stay away from cheating on your partner. But even though we have showed you countless examples of people being caught in the act — like the time a woman tried to sell the leggings left behind by her cheating partner’s mistress, people still try to get away with being an a-hole. And guess what? The dude below tried to be an a-hole and was quickly shutdown.

The convo, shared on imgur, shows a married woman being approach by a Facebook friend who also happens to be married. And this dude thought it would be a glorious idea to try and convince this woman to try and cheat on her husband.

Let’s see how that exchange went.


Screenshot: imgur


Screenshot: imgur

Well damn, that certainly took quite the heavy turn that no one was expecting. And the comment below probably best sums this all up.



Yep, that’s pretty accurate. So remember, folks: stay away from cheating. Just spend your time on Mandatory instead.

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