Best Foot Forward: Vor

If you were to ask the founders of Vor what the most recognizable feature of their sneakers is, they would instantly respond that it’s all about the quality. But if you were to ask us, we would say the (very) refreshing lack of labels.

Vor sneakers are made with the finest materials, but it’s how they are constructed, and the focus on understated design that really makes them must-haves. It can absolutely be said that the brand is about the simple things. A glance at the dynamic line up of styles, the silhouettes are unique but all incredibly refined. And sometimes it’s more about what a shoe doesn’t have, like garish colors and lots of branding, that really make them stand out.

The team at Vor and their friends are also excellent curators of style, and easily demonstrate the items that these shoes pair best with. Poppy socks (like in a bright orange hue), relaxed khakis and everyday denim are some of the necessary counterparts to rocking these stand-out shoes.