Is Your Cable Company Taking Advantage of You? The Answer Is a Big Yes

Photo via Columbia Pictures

When it comes to wondering if your cable company is taking advantage of you, let us spare you the time and energy. It’s the big yes. It’s not a groundbreaking discovery, whether they’re overcharging, under delivering, leaving you on hold to die of natural causes or destroying your home after showing up three hours late (after the six-hour window they said they’d show up in closes). But it makes you wonder just how badly they’re screwing you, doesn’t it?

While we’ve heard our fair share of cable company horror stories, we’re running through a list of bad experiences we’ve had resolving a bill, disconnecting service old, connecting a new one while the last tenant never paid theirs and somehow that’s your problem, and our favorite: asking one simple question only to run through the gamut of cable company hierarchy, only to realize nobody there has a goddamn clue.
Join us in a quick 10-point questionnaire, where if you’re answering “yes” to more than a few, your cable company is definitely screwing you. Don’t worry, though, they’re fucking us all in perfect harmony.

Is Your Cable Company Taking Advantage of You? The Answer Is a Big ‘Yes’

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