Apple WWDC 2017 Announcement Round-up: The HomePod, Augmented Reality and iOS 11

Apple’s WWDC 2017 conference was held yesterday, with the company using its annual event in order to make a slew of new hardware and software announcements. While these conferences are typically made with developers firmly in mind, this time around Apple had plenty to reveal for the audience at home, from updates to their current products to brand new hardware and software.

A key focus of the WWDC 2017 presentation was the upcoming iOS 11, which will see Apple making significant improvements to its mobile operating system, along with broadening its ecosystem. Apple Pay received a major update that sees it making bigger strides towards overtaking traditional payment methods, new camera features were introduced that threaten to kill off existing photo apps, and Siri will also receive some significant improvements.

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Elsewhere, the newly unveiled HomePod looks to muscle in on Google and Amazon’s turf as Apple’s first smart speaker, while the iMac Pro was also debuted in order to give legs to the ailing iMac family. While we’ll still have to wait a few months until we see our first glimpse of the iPhone 8, there was still plenty to be excited about at WWDC 2017, and we’ve compiled all the biggest announcements in the gallery below:

Featured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images