Change Up Your Cognac with Tea-Infused Ice

For serious cognac connoisseurs interested in stepping up their rocks game and going beyond simply pouring their favorite drink over a number of ice cubes in a glass, they should look no further than a cup of tea.

We don’t suggest simply drinking cognac with tea; rather, we recommend infusing a thick, deep, and pure ice cube with a variety of teas. As the ice slowly melts, it gradually releases the tea into the cognac, altering the taste, scent, and even appearance of the drink. To further appreciate the taste and aroma, try enjoying cognac served in a Thomas Bastide glass with a brilliant, clear, tea-infused ice cube.

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Thanks to the Hennessy Tasting Committee, the guesswork has been eliminated, and four different teas have been carefully selected to harmonize with Hennessy X.O for a unique sensory experience. But what can you expect from each tea type and how might it affect the flavor of your glass of Hennessy?

Green Tea

Green Tea

Tea leaves are harvested and then immediately heated and dried to prevent oxidation from detracting from their freshly-picked flavor. The result is a greener tea leaf, that provides a more vegetal, sweet, and grass-like taste.

Black Tea

Black Tea

Tea leaves are left to oxidize (which is better for storage and transport) before heating and drying, adding fruity and malty notes to the flavor profile.

Orange Blossom Tea

Orange Blossom

The flowers of the sweet orange tree are lightly combined with white tea for a warm and inviting citrus aroma and taste.

Spicy and Almonds Tea

Spicy Almond Tea

This distinct tea offers the subtle, nutty flavor of almonds with a touch of cinnamon and spice.

Pairing Hennessy X.O with tea-infused ice rocks creates a unique and enticing experience. The flavor combination is great to show off during a special gathering and is sure to be the talk of the party with friends and family alike.