PangeaBed Copper Mattress: A Penny for Your Bedtime Thoughts

Technology finds it way into every aspect of our lives. Beyond the obvious examples of the device on which you’re reading this or the TV you watch when you put the internet down for the day, evolving tech arrives every day in our kitchens, our schools our cars, etc.

That evolution arrives in the bedroom with PangeaBed and their copper-infused mattress line. In basic terms, the use of copper in the outer regions of a mattress are in place to keep the surface more sanitary (as copper helps to create a hostile environment for any germs or bacteria) and to maintain a cooler temperature and a better night’s sleep.

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The stage-by-stage ingredients of the PangeaBed pack on more techy terms than the geekiest of lounges at CES. Assembled into one complete unit, the support base — what used to be the obsolete box spring in the old days of spring mattresses — is made of a high density non-convoluted solid polyurethane core. The transition layer — the section that bears much of a body’s weight — is phase change gel infused memory foam. The top comfort layer is where the PangeaBed earns its reputation with its unique copper infused 100% pure Talalay Latex composition. Finally, the top and final layer is a quilted cover with 5/8 inch soft foam.

After trying out PangeaBed for a bit, it becomes clear the copper — while perhaps the mattress’ most unique selling point — is a bonus. Take the investment metal out of the mix and you’d still have an excellent memory foam mattress — a proper example of how we lay ourselves down in the 21st century.


The copper elements are an added benefit. While we to lacked the time and lab facilities to just the PangeaBed’s biological warfare properties, its ability to maintain a more pleasant body temperature is empirical. While the owner never feels as it he or she is “sleeping on metal,” the bed’s design does seem to breathe better than other foam mattresses.

Despite the promotional photos PangeaBed uses to sizzle their product a bit, you do not have to be a jolly model to own one of these mattresses. You’re also encouraged to use sheets of your preference, unlike the beautiful barbarians tucked in with their pajamas.

With MSRPs starting at $645 for a Twin and ending at $1,045 for a California King, a PangeaBed isn’t cheap — but it’s not out of line with modern mattress prices. Considering we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed, there are far worse ways to spend your pennies.