5 Intoxicating Vodka Drinks

Photo: Travelstock44 – Juergen Held (Getty Images)

If there’s any drink that can loosen you up and help you really forget those daily problems with just a few glasses – it’s vodka. While it’s true that you can simply grab some quality vodka from a shelf and have a (un)forgettable time by yourself, you can also make some combinations that will improve the flavor and create a whole new drinking experience. Here are some recipes for the 5 most popular vodka drinks in the world. As they say, god is in the details, so make sure you follow the instructions religiously (or don’t if you feel a bit rebellious).

Vodka Martini

First up is the most famous version of the classic drink popularized by James Bond – the martini. This fancy-looking drink is often served in a tall, distinctive glass with some additional ornaments, depending on your preferences. The classic martini is made up of gin and vermouth, but a far more popular variation is the one with vodka instead of gin. So, how to make a vodka martini? First of all, you’ll need some quality vodka. Obviously, your choice will depend on the price, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune for some decent vodka like Absolut, for example, that costs about 20 bucks. The ratio you’ll want for this martini is 3:1 vodka and vermouth. Some people like their martini extra dry, so they use very little vermouth. Mix it all with some ice and stir (not shake) until it blends nicely. Pour it into a martini glass and add a couple of olives on a toothpick.

Bloody Mary

Next up is another rather famous vodka drink that was named after the vicious Queen Mary of England who slaughtered a great deal of Protestants in her days and gained that notorious nickname. The cocktail Bloody Mary can also be quite vicious, of course, depending on how much vodka you put in. To make the best Bloody Mary you need to include all the ingredients – Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, tomato juice (that gives it its distinct sunset-red color), salt, pepper, tabasco sauce and, last but not least, vodka. You need to mix it all up good and leave it refrigerated for at least one night. According to some, Bloody Mary is the perfect hangover cure, so you can try it out if you’ve gone a bit far the night before.

Black Russian

If you haven’t tried Black Russian before, now’s the perfect time to make one yourself. In order to mix one, you’ll need some (quality) vodka and some coffee liqueur. For this other ingredient, the name says it all, basically. It consists of coffee and a shot of liquor, so you can make it yourself or buy a premade mix at the store. One of the most famous coffee liqueurs is Irish coffee that contains whiskey. Pour the ice cubes into a glass first and then add the mix. Stir it lightly and that’s pretty much it. If you like cream in your drink, you might want to choose the so-called White Russian that simply involves adding cream to the mix (the Dude’s favorite). However, for those of you who enjoy a more basic flavor, Black Russian is the right option.

Moscow Mule

When you need a refreshing mix for those sunny days, nothing beats a good Moscow Mule. This vodka drink is made up of (you’ve guessed it) vodka, ginger beer, and some lime. That’s all there is to it. The secret of a good Mule is, again, in the vodka brand and the way you mix it up together. We would suggest Smirnoff vodka for this occasion as it’s fairly cheap and available to anyone. You don’t need to spend a lot on a refreshing mix like this. The first thing you do is add ice to a wider glass, then slowly add vodka and some lime juice by directly squeezing it out to make sure it’s fresh. Pour ginger beer over it and stir it up a bit. If you plan on serving it at a garden party, for example, you can add a whole slice of lime on its side as a decoration. Fairly simple, right?


We’ll end this list with the famous Cosmopolitan, a pink drink that gained recognition probably for being featured in the Sex and the City. If you don’t care all that much for the show, it doesn’t matter, the drink is bound to leave a better impression on you. Since it’s, in a way, a fancy drink, you’ll want a slightly more expensive vodka for this one. Some people prefer to use lemon vodka for this cocktail, but it depends on whether you like its taste. Try it out first. Pour the vodka, add triple sec then squeeze some fresh lime juice and then just a little bit of orange peel. It gives it just enough flavor. Of course, to keep it all fancy and elegant, pour it into a tall glass.

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