The 8 Dumbest Tech Gadgets Of 2017

“Vintage memory making.” Photo: PeopleImages (Getty).

I love reading articles about cool new technology. There is an almost endless supply of news stories about the newest/hottest thing to come out, but sometimes those articles hit on something that makes absolutely no sense. I mean, there is a difference between practical technology and technology that is for people to waste money on. Take, for example, your cell phone. Sure, you might have wasted some money getting the newest model or whatever, but it’s very practical because it can replace so many other devices that you would otherwise probably have to buy.

So when browsing one of those “100 Cool Tech Products of 2017″ articles, it got me thinking that someone needs to call some of these people out on their crap. Here are the 8 dumbest tech gadgets I could find on these lists:

The Dumbest Tech Gadgets Of 2017

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