6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

Photo: Tetra Images, Getty Images.

Over one-third of Americans don’t get a good night’s sleep. If you’re one of them, the culprit may be in your bedroom. The good news is that with a few tweaks to your boudoir, you can increase the likelihood of quality shuteye. Armed with stats from the National Sleep Foundation, luxury bedding company Crane & Canopy gave us advice on ways to make your bedroom more conducive to sleep.

Keep It Clean

Even though you sleep with your eyes closed, having a disorderly bedroom will make it harder to shift into sleep mode at the end of the day. Clutter is a reminder of all that’s left undone. Take ten minutes before bed and tidy up. When you wake, make the bed; those who do so every day are 20% more likely to get a good night’s sleep. And don’t forget to launder your linens every week! Over 3/4 of people sleep better with fresh sheets.

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Upgrade Your Bedding

In addition to laundering your linens weekly, make sure your sheets are in the 300 to 400 thread count range. For maximum comfort, choose sheets made from cotton sateen or premium extra-long staple cotton. Duvet covers and new pillows improve not only your sleeping experience but your bedroom’s aesthetic as well.

Photo: @craneandcanopy on Instagram.

Photo: @craneandcanopy on Instagram.

Go Dark

Light is a major disruptor of sleep. As bedtime nears, keep the lights low or use amber-toned lights on your nightstands. Heavy curtains are a must, especially as the days grow longer, but don’t think that just because your window treatments are functional that they have to be unattractive. Play with colors, designs, and fabrics so that you can stand looking at them in the daylight, too.

Let Your Nose Lead The Way

Strange, but true: certain scents can help you sleep better. Aromatic candles effectively disperse calming scents while providing a relaxing source of light. Try lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood to ease you into slumber. (Just don’t forget to extinguish the candles before you fall asleep!) If candles aren’t your jam, try adding a few drops of essential oils to your humidifier or use a pillow mist or linen spritz.

Photo: Provided by Crane & Canopy.

Photo: Provided by Crane & Canopy.


The light emitted from computer and cell phone screens wreaks havoc on the body’s natural sleep-wake cycles. Unplug at least 30 minutes before bedtime and stow electronics in a drawer, face-down under the bed, or anywhere other than your bedroom. Unwind the old-fashioned way with a good book, a few yoga stretches, meditation, or journal-writing. The internet will still be there when you wake up.

Cool Down

A hot room is the enemy of sleep. Experts say the ideal room temperature for getting your ZZZs is between 60 and 67 degrees. If you want to save on heating or cooling costs, switch your bedding based on the seasons, use standing or ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, and wear pajamas made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.