How to Get Fat in a Steady and Safe Way

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Many people all over the world struggle with attempts to get rid of excess weight and there are constant warnings that leaner means healthier, but this is not everybody’s case. Gaining weight can prove to be very important in certain situations, especially because being moderately or seriously underweight can jeopardize your health and deprive your body of important nutrients vital for its proper functioning. Getting bigger requires setting your goals in advance and preferably consulting a doctor to determine how to get fat in a safe way prior to embarking on this calorie-loaded journey. We would be more than happy to help you get there, so let’s check out together some of the healthiest ways to increase your body mass efficiently and without too much effort!

Get Ready Beforehand and Make a Plan to Get Fat in a Healthy Way


If you’ve firmly decided to gain some extra weight, the best thing would be to go for a complete checkup and get approval from your doctor that you can start putting your plan into action. Getting fatter will require eating more than you’ve been used to, so you need to be sure that your current state of health is compatible with the changes you’re about to introduce in your diet. If you have certain preexisting illnesses or conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol or elevated blood pressure, it might not be such a good idea to increase your calorie intake. Your doctor can either advise you not to gain weight or propose a balanced plan that will help you choose the types of food you can eat in bigger quantities without negative consequences. If the doctor determines that you’re underweight, putting on some extra pounds is a must in order not to risk having problems such as anemia, weak immune system, muscle loss or low bone density, especially if your daily levels of physical activity are relatively high.

Set a Realistic Goal and Go Slowly to Gain Weight and Get Fat

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Think about your target weight and make a realistic decision as to the time frame in which you’d like to reach your goal. You need to know the figures in order to plan the daily increase in the amount of ingested calories, because upping your calorie intake is the key to the successful weight gain. Don’t overload your body with too many calories all at once when you start gaining weight, because your heart, digestive system and metabolism need to get used to the change in your dietary habits. Increase your daily intake by 300 calories and then up the numbers slowly over the following weeks according to the achieved results. Many people look for a quick fix to get fat fast, but the only proper and healthy way to do this is to increase body mass by no more than 1/2 – 1 pound per week, which usually happens when you add somewhere between 250 and 500 calories to the amount of food you eat every day if you are a moderately active person. We know that this is a hectic world and that some of you might be in a real rush to get visible results very quickly, but unfortunately our bodies don’t like drastic changes and need time to adapt to newly imposed dietary patterns. Get fat, but never at the expense of your own well-being.

Eat More Often and Always Choose Quality Foods to Get Fat

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It can prove to be difficult to eat two or three large meals a day, especially if you’ve been used to eating small quantities of food till now and if the reason for being underweight comes from having digestive issues. Try adding a couple of small meals to what you’ve been already eating on a daily level or simply top off your meals with some cheese or cream, but don’t fall for unhealthy, processed, junk or fast food. While these types of food are full of empty calories that can surely trigger weight gain almost instantly, getting fatter in this way will deprive you of the balanced intake of the entire set of nutrients your body needs at all times, which happens to be the right combination of proteins, carbs, quality fat, vitamins and minerals. Gaining weight in a safe way is not so much about the complete change of your diet – you still need to eat healthy and quality meals, just up the amount of the ingested food and you’ll definitely head for gaining weight.

Don’t Drink before Meals and Try Eating Before Having a Rest to Get Fat

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If you take in fluids prior to having a solid meal, you’ll feel fuller and consequently eat less – this a proven technique used to lose some extra pounds, which means that it will be counterproductive if your goal is to gain weight and get fat. Refrain yourself from drinking water or juices at least 30 minutes before eating and limit the intake of soups at the very beginning of your meal if you want to leave in some extra space for increased amounts of caloric food. Also, try eating well before resting, having a nap or later in the evening before going to bed. When you don’t move or fall asleep, your metabolism slows down as your body doesn’t need to burn so many calories any more to keep you moving around in comparison to what it consumes when you’re active and wide awake. Simply speaking, what you eat before sleeping is much more likely to turn into stored fat and help you get fat.

Exercise in a Proper Way and Have a Whey Protein Shake to Get Fat

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We know that you’re doing your best to put on some extra pounds which might keep you away from exercising, as you don’t want to burn those precious calories necessary to achieve the desired results. It is not healthy to practice sedentary lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to stick to your usual workout routine: unless your training comprises some really heavy workout sessions, you won’t be burning that many calories after all. Even if you practice really hard, you can always make up for the lost energy by having a rich and abundant post workout meal. In addition to that, gaining weight doesn’t necessarily mean that all you need to put on is fat. Training can also help you increase your muscle mass and make you function in a more efficient way, which means that these extra pounds will secure you more strength and mobility and provide you with a greater sense of self-satisfaction. If you opt for a good whey protein shake after your workout, it will help your body build muscle mass more efficiently and provide it with beneficial amino acids, while at the same time strengthening your bones and your immune system. Watch out for one thing though – many whey shakes available at the market are loaded with sugar and this is not a healthy option. Calories from sugar can certainly contribute to gaining weight, but it will negatively impact your blood sugar levels. It is much better to get those extra calories from the increased intake of full-fat dairy products, whole grains or unsaturated fats found in fatty fish and various types of nuts.

Do you have some good advice on how to get fat efficiently? Did gaining weight bring positive changes into your life? Share your experiences with us!

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