Emma Watson Targeted By Photo Hackers on Anniversary of “The Fappening” Arrest

Emma Watson has been targeted by hackers, with illegally obtained images from a dress fitting attended by the Beauty and the Beast star circulating online in yet another celebrity hack.

These leaked images have started to circulate exactly one year following the arrest of Ryan Collins (as noted by Gizmodo), the hacker behind the monumental celebrity iCloud leaks that were referred to as “the Fappening” by those responsible for publishing them. This time around Watson appears to be the lone target, with a spokesperson for the actress speaking to the Daily Mail regarding the leaks.

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The photos of the 26-year-old have predominantly been circulated on 4chan, which was also the main source for the images leaked in “the Fappening.” The images reportedly feature Watson in a swimsuit during a fitting, though further images featuring a naked woman in a bath. According to her publicist, these images are not of the actress.

A representative for Watson said: “They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”


Watson was previously threatened with nude photo leaks back in 2014. (Image Credit: Todd Williamson)

Ryan Collins, a 36-year-old from Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to breaching at least 50 Apple iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts, receiving a sentence of 18 months in federal prison. The hack, which featured private photographs obtained from accounts belonging to Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco and more, prompted an investigation by the FBI and was the largest celebrity photo hack in history. While it remains illegal to host the images, some sites continue to do so years after the fact.

It’s uncertain exactly how the hacker managed to infiltrate the computer containing the images of Watson, but the images are now reportedly being passed around the Dark Web, making it difficult for authorities to track. The actress was previously threatened with a nude photo leak back in 2014, after she discussed gender equality in a speech to the United Nations. It’s uncertain what motivation, if any, is behind this leak.

Featured Image: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images