How To Not Look Like a Green Idiot on St. Patrick’s Day

Photo: Anadolu Agency (Getty Images).

Make sure to stand out this St. Patrick’s Day, for all the right reasons. While you no doubt want to celebrate, ideally getting off work a bit early or starting the party at the office, it’s imperative to not fall prey to the immense and bountiful style perils of the holiday. Instead of opting for crappy throwaways you would pick up at party supply spots or the convenience store down the street, think ahead and curate a proper look you can wear on St. Pat’s, and many days after.

To begin, go for a sage colored crewneck, like the Simon Sweatshirt by Saturdays NYC, and pair it with the Buffalo Pile Woven shirt, in green and brown, by Poler. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls just inside of what is technically known as spring, you never know what weather to expect, so a slick poncho, like one by Brixton, is key.

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St. Patrick’s Day partying is a marathon, not a sprint – so stay prepared. Attach your keys to the Nomad Carabiner to make sure you can into your home at the end of the night, but also (what a sneaky invention) always be close to a charging device. Finally, make sure you stay hydrated. The Fred Water refillable and recyclable water bottle is necessity. In between green beers, make sure you take in some H20.