Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Looks Like a Sports Star From the Future

Boston Dynamics has revealed its next robot, and it’s the most agile machine the company has developed to date.

The robot, branded “Handle,” utilizes a pair of wheels for its movement along with two legs that it uses to jump up to 4 feet vertically. It can also travel up to 9 mph on flat surfaces, and moves a lot more gracefully than the company’s previous creations.

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Boston Dynamics states that Handle stands at a sizable 6.5 ft, with it making use of both electric and hydraulic actuators to travel up to a range of around 15 miles on one battery charge. Its 10 actuated joints also make it a far less complex machine that Boston Dynamics’ other creations, allowing it to perform much more free-flowing movements along with handling a flight of stairs with ease.

It’s also able to lift up to 100 lbs, and can exhibit an impressive level of control over its body while manoeuvring across uneven terrain, as evidenced by footage of it rolling down a snowy hill. Though Boston Dynamics has no plans to release consumer versions of its robots, the agile movement of the Handle is certainly reminiscent of a futuristic, robo-athlete you’d see in a sci-fi film, with it gliding along the floor like it has roller blades attached to its feet before leaping over hurdles.

Watch the video below:


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