15 Crappy Board Games Of The Past

Photo: Lambert (Getty)

You guys and gals should know by now that we here at Mandatory love our nostalgia fill, as it allows us to look back at a time that was a hell of a lot more simpler and innocent. You know, before we all walked into this chaos that we are living in today. So while we loved reminding ourselves (and all you folks) about awesome toys from the ’90s, as well as classic video games that won’t ever be forgotten about anytime soon, we can’t say that everything from the game aisle was all fun. Let’s just say that there were a lot of questionable things made, especially random board games that don”t exactly look so fun today as we look back at them.

So let’s focus on those crappy board games right now, and try to remember that these were a big deal before the internet and cellphones started to drown us all out.

15 Crappy Board Games Of The Past

So OK, folks, if you’re going to make it a game night, just remember to get yourself some good board games and try to stay away from all of these.


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