Georg Jensen Will Help You Spruce Up Your Home For 2017

From Left: Alfredo Vase, $220; Alfredo Horn Spoons (4 PCS), $75.

The holiday season is a great time to usher a fresh spirit of reverie into the home. Some will go out of their way to sprinkle tinsel everywhere, decorate a colossal tree, and set ablaze the neighborhood night sky with a Christmas light display that rivals Times Square or Champs Elysees. But when the holiday season winds down, the home reverts back to its ho-hum everyday self, retreating from the exciting sense of fearless decor that was Noel and New Year’s. Danish design brand Georg Jensen has some choice selections for adding some oomph to your home throughout the year. In fact the brand has given some rising stars in the design world some overdue shine with their own collections.

Argentinian designer Alfredo Haberli is responsible for the pristine and slick serving dishes and kitchen accessories under the aptly named “Alfredo” collection. The look first debuted in 2013 but have made a resurgence with its emphasis on multiple materials, including porcelain, horn, glass and stainless steel. Interestingly, Haberli’s work ranges from simple and exquisitely rendered home accessories to bold furnishings, architecture and scenography.


From Left: Helena Coffee Press, $260; Helena Teapot with Coaster, $240.

Spanish designer Helena Rohner lent her name to a collection of stainless steel coffee, tea and other drink accessories for Jensen. Known more as a formidable jewelry designer, having contributed most recently to a host of 2016 Fashion Weeks, Rohner shines here with her classic tea pot, coffee press and sugar tin. The days of old when people sat around the dining table or in the living room over a cup of java are back in Rohner’s more than capable hands. Mirror polished stainless steel offers a sense of timelessness to a minimally appointed table or to a kitchen already buzzing with essential stainless steel cookware.

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From Left: Urkiola Candle Holder, $190; Urkiola Pitcher, $275.

The Urkiola collection by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola shows a sharp contrast from the designer’s bigger more ambitious works. Yet it remains faithful to Urquiola’s manipulation of lines and shapes to create something purposeful. Her PVD-coated stainless steel pitchers and vases speak volumes to multipurpose housewares. In the sweet video promo we see a bunch of friends sharing beers, kept cool in one of her vases. Another sequence shows water being poured from the pitchers. Simple enough. But if you’d rather like to have the pieces sitting out in the study like art decor no one would blame you either.

All of the collections are currently available in Georg Jensen’s “Living” section.