2016 Tech Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | A 10 Gadget Menagerie

These days, there may not be a gift-giving category that comes in as many varied price points and sizes than tech and gadget gifts. A smartphone that fits in your palm can run you $700, while the latest the latest electronic musical instrument might run you an even Franklin. It’s all about what it does and how well it does it.

During the holiday season, we’re fixing to fill stockings (and gift guides). So, we’ll have to imagine wildly varying stocking sizes to match the menagerie of gadget gifts included below. The one quality they share? Each are tested and do the job intended admirably.

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We’ll start with the biggest idea on our list in the hope that you have a stretchy Christmas stocking hanging with care somewhere. If you can get the Zagg Slim Book iPad Case with Keyboard squared away in a big sock all its own, you’ll end up with a gadget that effectively transforms your tablet into a functioning laptop computer. The Slim Book links with the iPad via Bluetooth and offers a place for the tablet to rest while connected to a fully functional keyboard.

With that exhibit A squared away, we can return to more average size stockings for the rest of the gift guide found in the gallery below.