TGA Premier Junior Golf Clubs Open the Game Up for Kids

There are those experts out there who believe golf lost the current generation of Millennials. Some say it’s too hard for them and takes too long for them to learn in an age of immediate gratification and participation trophies. Others say it’s not technologically soaked and keeps them outside in the elements too long.

Whether that’s true or just glib analysis, there’s still an effort to get younger players to engage with golf — with a special focus on teaching children to start in the game young. For that to work, those kids are going to need quality, workable and affordable clubs. TGA – the sports education and development organization — is fulfilling that need with its Premier Junior Golf Clubs.

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A great gift idea for the boy or girl a grownup golfer would like to introduce to the game, TGA offers a complete line of clubs for ages 3-14. The clubs are color coded by age, and most are unisex (with a pink set added for the young lady who insists on something a bit more signature feminine).

Each complete set includes everything a young player would need from a driver with an oversized club head, a putter a #5 Hybrid, #7 Iron, a pitching wedge and putter. The complete sets also throws in a stand bag and two head covers. Most importantly, the complete sets start at $89. Keeping such prices within reach of families is essential as it encourages different economic classes to try the game. Golf has no real future if it’s open only to elite income levels.

This reporter has a 12-year-old aspiring player in the family, and TGA sent a Black Junior Set for him to try out at the local range. In a more experienced golfer’s hands, the clubs feel sturdy and made of good materials. The 12-year-old was especially pleased with the big driver. While it’s not flirting with Big Bertha girth, TGA reports it’s the largest such head in junior golf.

The young player reported the TGA’s felt more solid and better balanced than his previous set. Time will tell if they further improve his game over the months to come. But, the point is there are a lot of little players out there who now have access to quality educational equipment for a price that won’t turn them away from the golf course.