Start With This | The Rocket Ship Sweatshirt by Coach

It’s easy to be attracted to the richly saturated deep tones we find in some of our new favorite winter staples. Taking a glance at these products, it’s obvious that you don’t need a lot of color to make a statement, but you do need some statement pieces. Start with one that is sure to stand out, the Rocket Ship Sweatshirt by Coach. Part of the Fall/Winter 2016 line that includes everything from dinosaurs to monster trucks, the brand took a chance on the adventurous side to take favorite icons from our youth and put them front and center.

Before you let your mind venture back to the sandlot days, pick up a few coordinating items to wear under, over and with your new favorite sweater to make it work-ready. The Olive Military Overshirt by Buck Mason is the perfect layering piece for the icy temperatures currently coating the country. Toss it on, and your parka over that. Once things thaw out, this item can be worn as a light jacket. On the accessory side, the Deltray RX optical frames by Oliver Peoples will guarantee an instantaneously more studious look, made that much more stylish by integrating some premium all-natural grooming goods into your normal process.

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Remember when the weekend rolls around, this gear will keep you standing out in the scene. And the next morning when you wake up with a half empty PBR on your nightstand, and the default screensaver on your flatscreen because you clearly fell asleep halfway through another episode, toss on your Slim Sweatpants by Reigning Champ (always in olive) to grab some Tito’s, Mr & Mrs Ts and chips, and get ready to relax the day away.