9 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space in 2017

Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz, Getty Images.

New year, new you? Maybe that’s a stretch, but the ceremonial turning of the calendar means it’s time to clear away last year’s clutter and create a fresh start for 2017. What better way to start the year off than to chuck old housewares and create the streamlined, modern living space you’ve always wanted? Consider this your home decor to-do list to launch into 2017 with style.

Buy a New Mattress

Photo: Provided by Period Media.

So much of your life (if you’re lucky) is spent in bed. If it’s been a while since you replaced your mattress, now is the time. Admittedly, it’s not a sexy purchase, but it is a necessary one. Earlier this year, luxury designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard launched a line of hand-crafted mattresses made of organic materials and chemical-free cotton. The elegant mattresses are available in three models: the Palisades, the Hollywood, and the Bel Air. In addition to standard sizes, you could get really wild and try a square mattress in 7′ x 7′ or 8′ x 8′ sizes. These fancy mattresses are available only at SoCal’s Custom Comfort Mattress company.

Change the Sheets

Photo: @authenticity50 on Instagram.

Once you have a new mattress, it’ll feel wrong to cover it in your shabby old sheets. Solve that problem with bedding from Authenticity50, a company that makes its California-grown Supima cotton threads entirely in the United States. By sticking with an all-white color scheme, you’ll avoid the disappointing surprise of watching your sheets fade with every wash. (Bonus: white sheets mean you can bleach your shame away.) The company is so confident in the superiority of its 250-thread count percale wares that they’ll give you a 100 night sleep trial.

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Replace Towels

Photo: @craneandcanopy on Instagram.

How do you know your towels need to be tossed? Here are a few clues: They stink, even after washing. They leave lint everywhere. They are rough to the touch. They don’t absorb like they used to. They’re stained. Finally, if you’d be embarrassed for a date to see your towels, it’s time for an upgrade. Crane & Canopy, a husband-and-wife-owned company, makes plush, modern towels in finely-combed Turkish cotton. Graced with a hanging loop (to inspire your new habit of hanging up your wet towels), these towels come in four colors that will complement any bathroom color scheme.

Switch Up Your Sofa

Photo: LAXseries by MASHstudios.

Let’s be honest: we all know what goes down on the sofa. The centerpiece of your living room can only withstand so many food and beverage stains, butt imprints, and body fluids before it’s just too disgusting to sit on. LAXseries, a furniture brand by Los Angeles-based MASHstudios, has you covered with a new sofa line featuring nine styles of sleek and practical sitting surfaces. The Palisades (above) looks particularly cozy with feather and down filling and a place to put your feet up. Choose from five neutral colors, then add personality with a few crazy throw pillows.

Invest in a Credenza

If you don’t know what a credenza is, we don’t blame you. (It’s a decidedly adult piece of furniture.) But if 2017 is the year you’re going to have a grown-ass adult home, you should consider buying one. In addition to providing storage space, it visually anchors the dining or living room. The James Credenza (above) is a mid-century style beaut in grey wash walnut from Consort Design. A vintage record player would look oh-so-sweet atop it, no?

Pull the Rugs Out

Flooring can make or break a room, but it’s a pain in the ass to replace. If tearing up the floor isn’t in the cards for you this year, do the next best thing and pimp out your pad with a tasteful rug or two. Shag seems to be the current trend, at least for living rooms and boudoirs. Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of patterned and solid designs at affordable prices.

Hang Woven Wall Art

Photo: @sunwoven on Instagram.

For a boho chic look, try one of Sunwoven Studios‘ woven wall art pieces. They say, “I don’t try that hard” when, in fact, you could spend all day deliberating between the handmade masterpieces in this Charleston artisan’s online shop or designing a custom version.

Fill a Book Case

You must read more in 2017, not only for pleasure but also to counteract the stupidity of the world beyond your front door. While we advocate sharing the great books you find with friends, there will be a few volumes you’ll want to keep for future reference or rereading. Display them in one of the book cases from Wayfair‘s impressive selection. Use gaps for photos, plants, and other knick-knacks.

Mount a Backsplash

Photo: @merolatile on Instagram.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most expensive – and inconvenient – areas of the home to renovate. Skip that spendy, messy project and give both rooms a face lift with a new backsplash instead. Merola Tile comes in contemporary, subdued designs that add creative flair to your walls. Dedicate a weekend, watch some how-to videos on YouTube, and get ‘er done.