This Currys PC World Training Video is a Cringe Masterpiece

It’s not difficult to empathise with those tasked with making training videos for big named companies. On one hand, you’ve actually got to teach employees about the job they’ll be carrying out, while on the other you’re being forced to make the most mundane activities imaginable seem at least marginally entertaining.

Though there have been a few classics over the years (who can forget the infamous Game Crazy vid?), we’d wager that this 10-minute effort from Currys PC World should be high on the list. Shown to employees back in 2008, the video is once again doing the rounds after being featured by the UK Facebook account ‘Condescending Corporate Brand Page.‘ and it’s a cringe masterpiece.

Starring a man with the facial hair of an overlooked boy band member and the face of a discount Colin Farrell, the training video sees him working alongside his girlfriend (at least we assume she’s his girlfriend judging by their uncomfortably lengthy scene at the start of the video, which could quite easily be mistaken for a particularly awkward opening scene in a porn film), enthusiastically selling the brand’s products to a few unlikely customers.

Despite the video having existed on YouTube for the past 8 years it’s yet to go viral, which is a travesty. Hopefully this new-found attention will finally see it achieving the level of online infamy it truly deserves.

Check it out below: