2016 L.A. Auto Show | Aria Concept FAST EDDY Muscles into Supercar World

There are multiple major automakers on the sprawling convention floors during the 2016 L.A. Auto Show. But, there’s still room for smaller companies looking to make some noise in the car building business.

Aria Group, the Orange County-based design, engineering and manufacturing firm, crashed the party this week with the introduced of a new boutique supercar — the FAST EDDY. An American-made, mid-engine sport car and Aria’s first concept car design, the FAST EDDY looks to forge a vision on what the company bring to the design world in the near future.

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FAST EDDY takes her name from the monicker of Ed Taylor, vice president of design at GM and the man responsible for many classic cars in the automaker’s history, including the C4 Corvette. Taylor also happens to be the father of Aria Group’s co-founder Charles Taylor.

Aria’s designers say the car’s aesthetic salutes the 1977 Chevrolet Aerovette XP-882 concept car — another would-be American classic using a mid-mounted, V8 engine. Well-informed gearheads might see flares of the 1965 Sting Ray and mid-engine concepts in the FAST EDDY.


There are echoes of the Ford GT of both yesterday and today in the concept cars size. The FAST EDDY’s mid-positioned cabin behind a longer, V8 embracing hood. FAST EDDY shows off a longer, smoother silhouette than its more famous Italian sisters.

The car will not go into any sort of production, but its lines will guide Aria’s work moving forward and the looks of other boutique supercars working their way into the business.