Reddit is Tracking Whenever Donald Trump Lies

A Reddit user has already set up a subreddit in order to keep a track of whenever Donald Trump makes a pledge or promise, in order to hold him accountable for his claims and keep a track of whenever he lies or backtracks on one of his statements.

The subreddit r/TrumpTracker is currently filled with a list of of pledges made by the new president-elect, whether at one of his rallies or via his infinitely entertaining Twitter account. Although the subreddit is just starting out — much like Trump’s political career — it’s already making a note of each promise Trump has made since being elected into office, with it set to eventually prove to be a great way of seeing how many promises he’s managed to keep when he makes his way to the White House.

Among the promises currently listed on r/TrumpTracker include his pledge to repeal and replace ObamaCare with “MUCH less expensive and MUCH better healthcare,” his claim that he’ll privatize the country’s travel infrastructure and, er, his effort to ban porn. While the latter isn’t exactly a pledge from The Donald, he did sign a petition titled “The Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge” by Enough is Enough, a campaign that ostensibly wants to ensure that children are kept safe from pornographic material but also seems to suggest that “obscene pornography” should receive the same legal treatment as child pornography, without outlining exactly what the pledge means by “obscene” porn.


However, the promises listed on TrumpTracker aren’t limited to Trump’s pledges for his presidency. Among the claims listed on the subreddit include his supposed plans to sue those who accused him of sexual misconduct, along with his threat to sue the New York Times as a result of an article published in the newspaper that featured an interview with two women who accused the president-elect of making unwanted sexual advances.

Despite the existence of this new subreddit, Trump has received a notable amount of support on Reddit. His divisive unofficial subreddit, r/The_Donald, became a major topic of discussion during his presidential campaign, with it being touted as one of the major components of the rise of the alt-right’s online presence during 2016.

Image Credit: Boston Globe / Getty Images