GoPro Drone Filmed Crashing Into Bystander After Recall

A GoPro drone filmed itself crashing into a bystander in a public space, with the footage making its way online just before the manufacturer issued a recall of the model that was featured in the vieo.

The GoPro Karma was recalled due to a “small number” of units suffering from a severe issue in which they can sporadically lose power mid-flight. A video of the GoPro Karma drone in action appears to show it suffering from this problem, dropping out of the sky while hovering above a baseball field, and crashing on a bystander standing beneath it in the process.

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The video shows the drone suddenly falling out of the sky, with it then dropping to the feet of a bewildered man. The man appears to have been struck by it as it made its crash-landing, with him shown seemingly rubbing some blood from off his face after exclaiming: “What the f***?”

The specifics of the crash aren’t known, though it appears that neither the man nor his friend, who can briefly be seen in the video as the drone tumbles to the ground, were in control of the drone during its flight.

Watch below:

Another video was posted last month of a GoPro Karma losing connection after flying around 170 feet into the air. The hard crash broke two of the drone’s arms and its propellers, according to its operator.

You can check that video out below:

GoPro is offering full refunds to those who return their Karma drones, and has recommended that even if a drone appears to be working correctly they should still participate in the recall as a result of this major fault.


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